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  1. The other one is on computational intricacy which implies measuring the probability of tapping of the data sent over the lines?
  2. These tables are then used by the next module to calculate the probability?
  3. How to create probability analysis model for a corporate acquistions?
  4. What is probability?
  5. The most appealing part of this approach is that depending on a predefined probability it enables routers to encode some definite information on the attack packets?
  6. By using above formulas we calculate the probability of the single user and multiple users and the data is stored for the further use?
  7. For reducing the inference we sig is mapped into a bayesian network which helps in calculating the inference probability?
  8. Now we have to calculate the probability of the inference presence and depending upon the result we will allow or block the user?
  9. This probability calculation is made for each type employee depending upon the role of that employee in that company?
  10. These are also known as mixed sampling techniques as many of the designs are a mix of probability sampling and non-probability sampling?