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  1. The transformation logic for ternary and quaternary transformation is outlined and the obtained exon regions are shown?
  2. A multi-level logic is an evolutionary approach for faster calculations and is applied on different approaches for faster analysis and processing?
  3. Modify the logic shown in section 77 to sort the records in ascending order assume there are 100 r?
  4. Logic commentluv leave a comment url -comments are closed?
  5. In this particular implementation a user-space daemon was selected so that it could keep most of the logic out of the kernel?
  6. The representation of the genomic sequence into multilevel logic is presented in chapter 4?
  7. It is observed that a multi valued logic operations are faster in computation than the conventional bi-level logic?
  8. Who+invented+boolean+logic?
  9. Investigation is an educational action and as such the word must be applied in a scientific logic?
  10. What is logic?