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  1. Sec keywordluv leave a comment url -comments are closed?
  2. What is deflection of 1.5 pipe in 10 ft per sec water stream??
  3. The pause time of 0 sec indicates continuous movement whereas pause time of 100 sec means that the nodes were statically placed and did not move at all during the simulations?
  4. The reverberant sound field may persist for 2 sec or longer in concert halls?
  5. What is triple sec?
  6. Different mobility scenarios were created with pause times varying between 0 to 100 sec therefore trying to imitate the behaviour of a mobile node in realistic scenario?
  7. The pause time of 10 sec 20 sec and 40 sec were also selected to carry out different set of experiments with all the three protocols namely aodv olsr and dsr?
  8. The main job of sec is to file disclosure reports so that it is ensured that the general public is?