View Full Version : Going Green

  1. How to go green?
  2. Various practices are followed around the world to preserve the nature and follow the go green practices?
  3. To call a firm ecologically responsible is to imply that it chooses to go green simply because it is the 3 right thing to do?
  4. Why go green?
  5. Projects to be undertaken by the hotels under the go green activities should be chosen wisely?
  6. Kamat group of hotel is taken as an example to study the different activities undertaken by hospitality industry to go green?
  7. One important reason to go green is therefore the customer?
  8. This research has analysed many initiatives which are undertaken by the management of the hotel in order to benefit from the go green activities?
  9. Major reasons why hotels are accepting go green concept research demonstrates that hotels go green for a range of reasons?
  10. The hospitality industry is making commendable efforts to be eco friendly as well as to go green?