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  1. From last many years the design of coca-cola soft drink has changed from logo to the distinctive glass bottle?
  2. Coca-cola has also designed a new way to advertise through sports?
  3. What to stock in a coca-cola machine?
  4. Has offshoring affected coca-cola's reputation??
  5. Coca-cola has adopted a strategy of big scale franchising system of its bottling operations and gained good economies by apply this technique?
  6. What would be the consumer buying response to coca-cola if the price of pepsi doubled??
  7. Coca-cola advertisements have revolutionized the world of advertisings?
  8. Coca-cola is one of the largest beverage manufacturers globally?
  9. Coca-cola lately has chosen to back away from a full standardization approach and to instead tweak its efforts to accommodate local culture and nuances?