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02-20-2012, 04:04 AM
To start a book collection, first:

Decide What to Collect

1. Look up various types of book collections: a single subject, a single author, numerous versions of a single classic book, sets of series, or, if your goal is primarily investment, rare books and first editions. Even paperbacks can be valuable. Check out the Books and Book Collecting site. Keep it simple--which do you like best?
2. Look up prices for books in your chosen area. Are they affordable for you?
3. Think about the conditions necessary to keep your collection in good shape--cool and dry with limited exposure to light. Can you provide those conditions?

Start a Book Collection

4. Figure out the best place to obtain the type of books you collect. Start with secondhand stores, flea markets and garage sales, often fertile fields for book collectors.
5. Check informational sites such as Alabris to find out more about what and how to collect (see Resources below).
6. Set aside a room or section of a room for your collection. Organize the books in any way you like, but do organize them.
7. Get in touch with other collectors through websites like Alabris

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How to book collecting?