View Full Version : Why are there no basements in texas?

01-30-2012, 10:17 AM
There are basements in Texas, but they're a lot of trouble. A large part of TX has heavy clay shrink/swell soils (Vertisols) that swell when wet and shrink and crack (and I'm talking cracks that can be 6 or more inches wide and greater than 12 inches deep) when dry. This would spell doom for a concrete basement because moving soils exert tremendous pressure on any buried structure. The second reason is that much of Texas is underlain by limestone. In some places in the state there are only a few inches of soil atop the limestone parent material. I guess you could jackhammer or dynamite a basement of sorts from the limestone, but it would be very expensive and if you had water leak into it, you would have essentially created a giant swimming pool beneath your house. -- http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/basements/msg0716161730578.html

02-22-2012, 04:25 AM
It seems a bit silly me asking this.
Why are there no basements in texas ?